Butterflies are free
Totally hand stitched
Hand quilted
Unique design totally one of a kind

Price $1,200

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Hand-painted flowers are hand appliquéd. Embroidery and paint details are added. Hand quilted 

Totally hand stitched
Unique design totally one of a kind

Price $1,200


Octopus’s Garden

“One of my favourite techniques is this raw edge appliqué .
Fabrics are cut to look like fish and plants and are stitched onto a pieced backing.
I do not use commercial patterns nor do I sketch first.
I am an intuitive designer just placing surface embellishments as I feel inclined.” 

 Price $450

bed of roses All the fabrics have roses on them and it’s a colour wash.  Light at the top, dark at the bottom.  If you have a favourite flower let me make a wall hanging or quilt for you.

catching sushi
 I bought this fabric in Nagoya Japan when I was there for the world quilt festival.
catching sushi detail Detail of above picture
   Floradale School in Mississauga Ontario is a very multicultural school. This major art project was meant to reflect its diversity. The children were given a square of white cotton secured to a board and a box of indelible wax crayons. They were invited to draw a picture of what peace means to them. Some of the sayings were heartbreaking  “Peace means having a father “ Peace means no more guns” I collected over 60 of the blocks and spent hours removing the wax with a hot iron and paper towels to reveal the fabric stained from the crayons. I then asked the children to bring a piece of fabric from their homeland to use as sashing.
flowers from russia1 Hand-painted on silk during one of the many times I spent in Russia.
Hand quilted.
 flowers from russia  This is a close up to show the fine details of the tiny hand stitches.  Quilting by hand on silk fabric is tricky.
  My dear friend Bernadette left this world far too soon. She was loved by so many I made this quilt in her memory and donated it to a charity auction. 
 Music Lover1 Small wall hanging for a music lover.  Is quilted in music note outlines 
 space duo Hand-painted then closely machine quilted with metallic threads a modern wall hanging commissioned by an architect for his Toronto loft. 
  The fabric was painted then black lines made from bias tape created a stained glass look 
  This wall hanging is 6 ft in diameter and was one of the hardest quilts I ever made. The ties were sent on a monthly basis to a teacher in Nunavut from his wife in Ontario. The students eagerly awaited the arrival of a new tie each month so this quilt, which now hangs in their Toronto home brings back lots of memories. 
   This wall hanging was one of a series of three. The second one was in summer colours and the third one with a fall theme.

Northern Lights

I made this wall hanging when I came home from working in Yellowknife.
I went out onto the tundra one night with a group of Japanese Tourists. They believe the Northern Lights are the spirits of their ancestors sending them messages. A belief that got stronger as the night progressed with countless visits to a handy tent serving saki shots.
It was surreal laying in my back in the snow wearing a bulky snowsuit 

Watching natures pyrotechnics

 for the love of family

Hearts Made for a family for Valentine’s Day The name of each family member is hand embroidered across the heart

A valentines gift for grandma with the names of all her grandchildren embroidered across the hearts

Collage A fabric collage was a fun Project one snowy day


To create a sense of distance find toile was applied outside of the central border

 Vacation After a long vacation in Australia and New Zealand, I made this little wall hanging from some souvenirs 
 IMG 0103 The Bluenose copied from a postcard 
Every Christmas quilt I make is totally unique and snowman fabric is my favourite
Christmas Appliqué snowflakes are scattered on this Christmas lap quilt