Traditional Rail Fence pattern for a modern baby quilt. 
   Custom made for a mother who did not want cutesy kids patterns and who wanted a square shape.
  When you only have one small panel and really really want a quilt, just add lots of borders. 
  This is a Qillo! A pillow with a quilt folded inside. Great for car trips! I make to order with fabric pattern of your choice. 
  Only had scraps to work with but toddler Faith Rose really wanted a Pooh quilt 
   Made for my very dear friend Karla as a gift to her first grandson who lives in Shanghai.
  The centre block was so cute I could not bear to cut it up. Sometimes just changing a square into a diamond Is all you need 
  I never get tired of Winnie the Pooh Fabrics and am always searching quilt shops for the older softer designs. 
  Sun Bonnet Sue is an old traditional pattern also sometimes called The Little Dutch Girl 
  Simple baby quilt or play mat 
 Tigger is the centre of attraction in this square baby floor mat 
  Animals were cut from the quilt fabric and sent marching off into the ark. This is an original design. Let me create An original quilt for your special child 
Future babies may never know their grandfather but a quilt made of his T-shirts will be a nice keepsake