Photo transfer wall hanging as a memory of a beloved furry companion
A king sized quilt for a 16th birthday with some special photos built in. Photo transfer is done on cotton fabric, is fully washable and will not fade.
   Memory quilt of a beloved cat along with fabric showing a shopping item favourite.
  Photo transfer memory wall hanging 
  I made this huge quilt/wall hanging for the 50th wedding anniversary of a couple in Yorkshire England. The centre is their wedding picture. Their children and their weddings are photo transfer. As they were farmers animals and field grasses were added. Their son was a well-known show jumper which is represented by winners ribbons stitched to the top corners. 
   A memory quilt for these two young ladies of their pet Lucy.
   This quilt was on display at their wedding. It showed important moments in their lives. In the centre is the proposal, written in icing
band1  Made in Memory of a band member who died
we all love patti

A child’s beloved dog immortalized forever

Dads Clothes Bed quilt made with Dads clothes and some photo transfer pictures