A modern bed quilt with random fabrics.  Can be reproduced in any colour combination and any quilt size.  Price varies according to size.
I had a craze for making windmill blocks using up small pieces of fabric and wound up with a huge stash of them. Hated to see them go to waste so I sorted and assembled them into several quilts and wall hangings. This one now hangs in the home of one of the stars in “the Lion King” stage show.
All the fabrics have roses on them and it’s a colour wash. Light at the top, dark at the bottom. If you have a favourite flower let me make a wall hanging or quilt for you.
We call this pattern “Churn Dash” but historically it was called Monkey Wrench and was part of secret code in slave quilts. The Monkey Wrench is thought to have been the Blacksmith who because he was free to travel the area would have local knowledge that would be useful to members of the “Underground Railroad” Quilts were often used as notice boards to assist escaping slaves. Slavery was abolished in1865 with great help from Sir William Wilberforce from Hull Yorkshire UK. My home town where his home is now a museum and where the logs of sailing ships who carried the slaves make for interesting reading.
I am not a lover of quilts made of jeans. I find them very heavy and rather uninspiring. This was a compromise for a customer.
A traditional but well loved design. Custom made for a client.
Sometimes simple strips of great fabrics can make an attractive wall hanging or lap quilt.
Hilary loved her flower garden. This quilt was donated to a fund raising auction in her memory
This customer wanted every colour she saw in her fall garden reproduced in maple leaves. The technique is reverse appliqué. The leaf shapes were cut out from the top fabric and the coloured fabric stitched behind the “holes”. I saved all the pieces I cut out and many months later made another quilt using a regular appliqué technique.
A great way to use up scraps. Can also be made from used clothes.
A quick and easy quilt pattern for scraps of the same colour group.
A traditional quilt pattern with a twist. Made to order any size and any colour combinations.